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A Heart Of Dixie – An Accident Of Birth

I want to address an issue that is bothering me more and more as time goes on. The issue of being Southron bred and being a Southron displaced by an accident of birth. Being born in the South, on its own, does not mean that one is Southron just the same as being born in the North does not mean that one is a Yankee. What you are is where your heart lies; and my heart is a heart of Dixie and always has been.

During my family’s extensive travels throughout the South when I was a little girl, when we lived in Kentucky while my father was in the Army, and when I lived in Texas as an adult, I always felt at home, drawn by something deep within my soul. The land, the people, the smells, the sounds all tugged at something in me, like it was in my blood.

My and my husband’s one and only goal at this time in our lives is to get back down South. My husband is a Tar Heel who got himself stuck up here with me when he married me almost 13 years ago; hindsight both of us have admitted that if we had it to do over, we would have taken an opportunity to move South when we first were married and didn’t.

I suffer from knowing that my soul was meant to be Southron, but an accident of birth landed me smack dab in the middle of Yankee Doodle territory. This fact does not in any way, not one iota, lessen my loyalty and love for the South and what it means to be Southron. It is a spiritual thing, something in the blood, something that cannot be denied any more than I could deny Jesus himself.

We have also raised our children with Southron values and teach them the truth about their Southron heritage.  They are very well versed in the South’s struggle for independence, the oppression of the North, and the indoctrination, rather than education, they are receiving in the public school system.  They know it is “Yes, Mam” and “Yes, Sir” even though this is met with contempt here in the North.

They know about our heroes from the war and honor the memories of the greats like Lt. Gen. Stonewall Jackson, Lt Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and my favorite Major Gen. Patrick Cleburne, who by the way was born in Ireland (my great grandmothers homeland) but fought and died for the Confederacy.  Many of our children bear Southern names like Jefferson, Varina, Cleburne, Dixie, Madison.  They are well versed in Southern presidents like James Madison, James Monroe, John Tyler, Jefferson Davis, and our family’s personal favorite Thomas Jefferson and great statesmen like John C. Calhoun.

Our family listens faithfully to Dixie Broadcasting and one of our family’s favorite artists is Celtic Confederate .  We watch movies like “God’s and Generals”, “Undefeated”, “Outlaw Josey Wells” together as a family.  Our children are so indoctrinated in their Southron heritage that while in the hospital after having our youngest son we were having issues with the treatment by some of the nurses because of the size of our family and my four-year-old daughter went right up to one nurse and asked her, matter-of-factly “Is this a Yankee hospital?”  I was so proud of her.

We utilize our local library and the elaborate sharing system they have with libraries across the state.  We can order books from libraries on the other side of the state and we get them within days.  This includes many Southern authors and even Jefferson Davis’ book, “Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government” and The South Was Right!” by the Kennedy brothers.  This opens up self-education opportunities that are only rivaled by buying the books ourselves, and to be honest we could not hold all of the books we read in our home; it would be considered hoarding, as our family has read over 600 books this summer so far.

Even so, we know that we must get our children down South and soon.  Even with monitoring and limiting their television exposure, raising them with Southron values, fighting indoctrination with the truth supported by documentation and a constant barrage of Southron materials in our home, the Yankee attitudes seep into the smallest cracks in our family’s armor and I can’t stand it; I won’t stand for it.

Those of us working for peaceful Southern independence must be careful not to exclude natural allies simply because an accident of birth landed them in the North.  Look at all of the mixed marriages of Southerners and Northerners; the children of these marriages are as much a part of the South as any others because it is their heritage.

Because the family that my soul was appointed to when my time came lived in the North, was non self-educated, had no loyalties to anything but themselves, and didn’t have any pride in anything, not even their ancestry, I have very little information or details of where I come from. I know where some of my ancestors are from, but it is a fraction of the whole picture. I most likely do not only come from immigrants who migrated directly to the North, the chances of having Southern ancestors is highly likely.

They are finding with the more studies that are done on migration and ancestry that the land literally becomes a part of your DNA, and I believe that the South is in the fibers of my very being, calling out to me, beckoning me to return.  Wen I do get back South I will never again leave, never again torture my soul to an exile in such a cold and soulless land.

What I am trying to say is that one can have a heart of Dixie (a soul for and from the South) even though an accident of birth (a Southron soul unfortunately being born in Yankee land) left them abandoned behind the Mason-Dixon line.

One thing to keep in mind when pondering these things is that there are a lot of people who are born in the South, but are not Southron; they have the soul of a Yankee.  In the same manner, there are people who are born in the North, but are not Yankees; they have a Southron soul.  I hope when I finally get back there that my neighbors welcome my Southron soul home again.

Until then, I will be a tireless advocate for our culture, heritage, rights, and freedoms.


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Celtic Confederate – A Worthy Highlight

I just wanted to take the time to highlight and share with you a Confederate discovery we ran across today.  It is a band called Celtic Confederate; it only consists of one member at the time, but lacks absolutely nothing because of it. 

I first heard his song “He Becomes A Priest” today on Dixie Broadcasting and we looked up his MySpace page.  I cannot even begin to tell you how impressive his message, his music, and his voice is.  You must hear it for yourself.  After reading his page I feel like distant family. 

He has almost the same heritage as my husband and I, he looks up to the same people, and his love for Dixie and its heritage is massive.  The biggest difference I see is that he has always lived in his beloved Dixie and my husband and myself are currently stuck in the North. 

Off the subject a little, I had my feathers ruffled and my heart insulted the other day when a coworker, who also used to live in the South, called me a Yankee.  I had to hold back my anger when I let him know I would never be referred to as a Yankee again.  That night I wondered if he would childishly use this insult on an ongoing basis, but when I returned to work I believe he had realized he had gone too far.

Hearing the words of Jake Horsley’s music soothed away the pains of resentment from the insult and overwhelmed me with a renewed love for my Dixie.  Please take the time to check out his music for yourself, it is definitely worth it.  Deo Vindice!


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“A republic if you can keep it”

Benjamin Franklin told us, for all time, we are a Republic; if we can keep it.  What legacy have we been given, and what legacy are we giving our children?  Has our Republic been preserved?  What have we done to preserve it?  These are questions we should be asking ourselves and the answers should not please us. 

When our own government and media purposely, and naively, undermine our Republic by saying we are a Democracy there should be an outcry; but there is not.  Once again the Yankee is diluting and brainwashing not only our children, but ourselves.  The biggest problem we face now is that we are not dealing with the same Yankees as those before us, they have become socialists and communists and they want to wipe out conservatism, the  Southron Heritage, and every trace of the  Southron people. 

They are attempting to wipe out everything that God blessed us with and everything our Founding Fathers suffered so much for; our Republic.  Are we going to hand it over with a whimper or are we going to take it back and make it strong again? 

A Republic – A government not headed by a monarch or dictator in which the power rests in its citizens who exercise that power by voting.

A Democracy – A government where the majority rules unrestricted by any law, also known as mob rule, and dictates how the minority will live.

We were given a Republic do we really want to live in a Democracy?  That is where your government is trying to go with all the bailouts and corporate take overs and big government programs and spending.


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Bright Sunny South — Confederate Pride

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Bagpipes And Panduras

Tonight I want to begin a long over due journey and I want to invite you to join me.  I have always been proud of my Southron Heritage and my Catholic Faith and have put forth an effort to learn more about them and share it with others.  I have always connected with my ancestry, but have never gone beyond the traditions my family passed onto me.  I have decided to study and learn my Irish and Spanish Heritage and learn not only where I am from, but where I began.  I welcome any and all information, stories, and helpful hints that will help me successfully navigate my journey to truth’s end. 

I begin with these simple discoveries:


The earliest physical evidence for the existence of the bagpipes is an engraved rendering in Chaldean sculptures dating back to 4000 B.C. The oldest set of pipes was found in Panopolis, Egypt, by archaeologists who dated them to 1500 B.C. By comparison, the only Celtic musical instruments of an equivalent age are the bodhran, harp and feadan (whistle or flute).

The earliest forerunners of the Great Highland Bagpipes—simple, mouth-blown reed pipes—had emerged in the Near East and Egypt by 2500 B.C. The most popular of these reed pipes was the shawm, which retained its popularity for centuries.


The pandura is a very old type of stringed instrument.  It originated in Spanish culture many years ago, and later became used in Greek culture.  This helped to spread its popularity throughout Europe.  In later years, the pandura became known as the mandolin, and was recognized as the mandolin by most people for many years.  Not many people in today’s society know about this instrument because it is not used often in Hispanic music anymore.


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