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SNN & the I-95 Confederate flag

News that a giant Confederate flag which will soon fly beside I-95 just south of Richmond, Virginia has delighted many Southerners who are used to hearing of the South’s symbols, songs and flags under attack in Progressive USA. It has also sparked a backlash from anti-Southern elements, mostly Northern transplants, who are raising money to put up an anti-Confederate billboard near the flag. Now SNN has been brought into the fray

More at:  SNN & the I-95 Confederate flag.


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Uvalda / Vidalia, GA Southern nationalist demonstration

On 24 of August 2013 the League of the South staged a successful demonstration in Uvalda and Vidalia, Georgia. The Southern nationalist organisation protested the pro-amne…

More at: Uvalda / Vidalia, GA Southern nationalist demonstration.

God bless all the Southern patriots who took the time to show up or to support this vital demonstration.  Let’s hope our numbers grow at future rallies.


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TN legislators meet to discuss fiscal impact of Third World immigrants

A group of Tennessee lawmakers met for the first time yesterday to discuss the fiscal impact of Third World refugees who have been forcibly relocated to T…

More at: TN legislators meet to discuss fiscal impact of Third World immigrants.


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SN flag patches!

SNN is excited to introduce a new item to promote Southern nationalism. This is a high quality sown patch (3.5 inches x 2.25 inches) depicting the Southern nationalist activism flag that we recently introduced. The design features a bold black St Andrew’s Cross on a white field. Not only is the design striking but the patches themselves look terrific. See the pictures below….

More at: SN flag patches!.

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Richmond Councilman Baliles proposes anti-Southern billboard near I-95 flag

In response to the announced upcoming raising of a large Confederate flag just outside of Richmond, Virginia along I-95, Councilman Jon Baliles is pushing the idea of posting an anti-Southern billboard message near the flag. Mr Baliles recently posted the message on his Facebook page along with a picture of the proposed billboard which reads ‘This is RVA. Not the CSA.’ Supporters of Mr Baliles quickly responded with anti-Southern comments endors …

More at:  Richmond Councilman Baliles proposes anti-Southern billboard near I-95 flag.


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RedShirtArmy: Southern Language

Southern Nationalist Network


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