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Rand Paul: Questions About Neo-Confederate Ex-Aide a ‘Bunch of Crap’

Rand Paul: Questions About Neo-Confederate Ex-Aide a ‘Bunch of Crap’.


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Judge Napolitano: A Word About Jack Hunter

Yesterday you saw some hawks, whose ideology is dying and whose worldview is being discredited every day, launch an attack on Senator Rand Paul by attacking one of his brilliant aides, Jack Hunter.

Jack’s sin in their eyes was having spoken favorably of states’ rights, and negatively of Lincoln. They can’t seem to recognize that states’ rights–even secession–does notequal racism; it constitutes a brake on the feds’ march to totalitarianism. Most modern day states’ rights advocates recognize the sovereignty of the states and their inherent ability to nullify and avoid federal violations of the Constitution in order to protect life and liberty from an overgrown, intrusive federal leviathan that literally now interferes in or spies on every facet of our lives. And most historians and legal scholars who appreciate personal liberty and limited government recognize that the history of Lincoln’s assaults on civil liberties is a topic capable of divergent views and worthy of exposure.

But really, the hawks and neocons weren’t attacking just Jack—who possesses profound intellectual honesty and who has a gift for reducing complex arguments to understandable terms–for his views on federalism. Everything that was “broken” in the “news” story in the Free Beacon has been public information for a long time. It was not hidden. And it was not news. Some of it was youthful hyperbole, and all of it was sliced and diced out of context. [read more]


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Southern Avenger: Ron Paul Won the Debate

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The Southern Avenger: The Patriot Act is Not Conservative


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The Southern Avenger: Liberals and Libya

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The Southern Avenger: Stereotyping the Old South


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The Southern Avenger: Obama is a Threat to National Security

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