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Ron Paul: Chris Christie Offers Nothing, Just Status Quo And More Big Government


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Rand Paul: Questions About Neo-Confederate Ex-Aide a ‘Bunch of Crap’

Rand Paul: Questions About Neo-Confederate Ex-Aide a ‘Bunch of Crap’.


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Last Hurrah of the Interventionists?

Last Hurrah of the Interventionists?.


August 2, 2013

In what a Washington Post columnist describes as a rout of Rand Paul isolationism, the Senate just voted overwhelmingly to send another $1.5 billion in foreign aid to Egypt.

The House voted 400-20 to impose new sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, two days before Iran’s new president, elected on a pledge to re-engage the West on the nuclear issue, takes his oath.

Do these triumphs of AIPAC and the War Party, of neocons and liberal internationalists, tell us where we are going? Or are they the last hurrahs of the interventionists, as America’s long retreat proceeds apace.

If we take what Richard Nixon called “the long view,” the trend line seems unmistakable. Under President Obama, America has pulled all U.S. forces out of Iraq and has scheduled a full withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014.

Despite his “red line” in Syria having allegedly been crossed, and the cawing of Hill hawks like Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain, Obama seems the very portrait of a reluctant warrior in Syria.

A large majority of Americans, too, want no part of that civil war.

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Sen. Rand Paul Takes Senate Floor and Speaks on Libya

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Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Five-Year Balanced Budget Plan

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Rep. Ron Paul And Sen. Rand Paul At CPAC


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Sen. Rand Paul’s Pledge To Kentuckians On His First Day As Senator


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