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Lower South Whites almost unanimous in opposition to Obama

In two recent articles for The New York Times, columnist and researcher Nate Cohn explains that while the United States as a whole is moving to the Left an…

Read more at:  Lower South Whites almost unanimous in opposition to Obama.


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Robert E. Lee and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson tributes face Army War College removal – Washington Times

Robert E. Lee and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson tributes face Army War College removal – Washington Times.


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Book Review – “Confederate Alphabet” By Rickey E. Pittman

While searching our library for another book I stumbled across “Confederate Alphabet” by Rickey E. Pittman a book written for children.  This is an excellent, patriotic, and inspiring book for any Southern family.  A highly recommend it.

It is not politically correct and several Southern heroes, like Captain William Quantrill, Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Brigadier Gen. Stand Watie, are featured; not exactly Northern favorites.  The book was illustrated by Stephanie Ford.  Several of the illustrations are breath-taking and help reinforce the narrative of the book.

My only complaint is the back cover illustration is missing some Confederate states and territories.  Lots of brave Southerners died fighting for West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Indian territory (Oklahoma), and Arizona territory for them to be left off.


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October 12: League of the South Rally Against Southern Demographic Displacement (Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, TN)


H/T: Next Up, Murfreesboro Occidental Dissent


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Uvalda Rally- Pictures

Uvalda Rally- Pictures.


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New Resources for Tennessee

New Resources for Tennessee.


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What Is the League of the South?

What Is the League of the South?.

Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic.

To reach this goal, we intend to create the climate for a free South among our people by

  1. exposing the corruption, stupidity and self destructive mentality of the current government in Washington,
  2. by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and
  3. by making The League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Southern independence.

Are you concerned about your children and grandchildren’s future?

More at:


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