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RT News – War Dividend: US arms firms ready to cash in if Syria attacked

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Women Not The Victims In Business Feminists Would Have You Believe-Updated

If women want and choose to make different career choices than men, are they really victims of sexism or victims of the feminist movement?  After all it is a woman’s choice right?  It that is really true to feminists then why do they attack any woman who makes conservative, family oriented choices?

I am glad that people are pointing out that women are not the victims of the business world this PC world would have you believe, they are making choices that men don’t and getting different results.  Don’t get me wrong there are women who are truly wronged by sexist management, just the same as some men have had the same experience.

I would also like to add that I personally know, and know of, many families where the mother is the bread-winner and the father stays at home with the children because the woman is able to make more money in her career than the man.  The tide is changing and people who are stuck in the past are lying to themselves, and to the masses; you have to be blind to not see that women being second to men as a societal practice is just that, a thing of the past.

If a woman places, or keeps herself, in a position where she is being held down or back that is her issue in which she must make a hard choice; not the issue of the society as a whole.  I am very successful in my career and family, but I had to make many hard choices to get here, but they were mine to make.  If I had not, the only one holding me back would have been myself.  Blaming a society for your personal bad choices is a cop-out and a very co-dependent behavior.  A person with these behaviors can never be successful; you could not find two more opposite people.

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