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Zimmerman Not Guilty | American Renaissance

Zimmerman Not Guilty | American Renaissance.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 14, 2013

Five white women and an apparent Hispanic have acquitted George Zimmerman on all counts. The facts and the law clearly required that they do so. However, this is a just conclusion only to a case that should never have been brought, and that casts a harsh and damning light on black race hustlers, crazed white liberals, and a vilely irresponsible media. [read more]


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IRS IG Report: Targeting Conservatives Began In 2010

IRS IG Report: Targeting Conservatives Began In 2010.

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Ron Paul: When The People Change, Washington Will Change (Full Speech at Arizona State University)



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Ron Paul On Fox Business

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The End Of Southern Democrats

What a glorious day.  Most of the South has been washed clean of the Democrat Party.  We have more work to do, no doubt, but this is a nice start.  At the risk of offending a lot of people, I always found it offensive that modern Democrats had support in the South.  After all, this is a party that relishes killing unborn children, experimenting on embryonic stem cells (unborn children), stealing our gun rights, and turning us all into dependent, mindless, servants. 

Special congratulations to Nikki Haley who will be a strong advocate for South Carolina and Jim DeMint, a true statesman.


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RealCatholicTV – Voting the Ten Commandments

RealCatholicTV is a true beacon of light, proclaiming our Heavenly Father’s truth.

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Consequences On Election Day

There has been a lot of articles, including this one, about how the Democrats are going to be politically wiped out this election day in the South.  That is a good thing because the Democrat Party no longer represents Southern values.  For years many Southern Democrats were pro-life and conservative on most issues.  I feel we gave them a pass because the national Democrat Party has been a staunch supporter of abortion and gay marriage.  They have fought to tear down our families, our heritage, and to strip the states of the few rights they had remaining. 

I have often said that if Bush had a D at the end of his name they would have loved him because he sure acted like one of them, except on moral issues.  I feel we all have a responsiblity to vote for candidates who will stand for our heritage and fight for the authority our states have lost.  There are many good candidate, for once, this election season.  I hope that you will support and back those in your area.

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