Pope Benedict XVI


2 responses to “Pope Benedict XVI

  1. Tiralleur

    April 3, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    As Confederate Catholics observe Holy Week, it is God’s providence that two current controversies are enlightening the world regarding what the South has faced since losing its war for independence: 1) Catholics who protest the vicious attacks on the Holy Father and the Church for the misdeeds of the priests and bishops are automatically deemed unsympathetic with the victims of the perpetrators and their accommodating superiors when in fact the opposite is true, just as Southerners who protest the unconstitutional invasion of their land are automatically deemed racists and traitors; and 2) all Americans who protest the nationalization of the health care industry, following the nationalization of banking, insurance, and auto manufacturing are automatically deemed racists and greedy for keeping the poor from receiving health, when in fact they are in favor of many other measures that could be taken that would not involve a further slide into a socialist state, just as Southerners opposed to violent imposition of emancipation and confiscatory tariff rates are automatically deemed racists and traitors. In the former case, Pope Benedict stands as a witness to the message that no nation should be the target of a collectively assigned culpability and that people of goodwill have to see the individual person and his personal values before they condemn him for his national origin. In the latter case it is ironic that except for a change in time, person, scope, and political party, a righteous cause (emancipation in 1862, health care for the poor in 2010) is the pretext for abrogating the Constitution, and using the power of the federal government to kill (tens of thousands in 1861-65, tens of millions of unborn children and the most vulnerable patients in 2010- ) or plunder the survivors. Blessed Pope Pius IX and Venerable Henriette Delille, pray for us!

  2. Arturo

    November 24, 2013 at 12:47 AM

    Hey I just found this site and I am liking it. I am a Catholic and a Hispanic as well ( I was born in Mexico) yet I grew up here in the United States in Nevada and California most of my life. I have always been curious about Southern History and I consider myself a PaleoConservative. I follow the politics of Pat Buchanan and Thomas E Woods (both of who are traditional Catholics)

    I grew up liberal for many years before I came back to the Church and it wasn’t until after a while that I became a traditional Catholic and quickly left liberalism. I grew up with all the political correctness of the modern media specifically about the south. I am now very curious about learning about southern culture and traditions.

    I sure hope I get to understand the Southern tradition and culture a lot more

    God Bless


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