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Robert E. Lee and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson tributes face Army War College removal – Washington Times

Robert E. Lee and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson tributes face Army War College removal – Washington Times.


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Chris Lane Murder Suspect James Edward Danced, Twirled and Laughed During Booking Process


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SNN & the I-95 Confederate flag

News that a giant Confederate flag which will soon fly beside I-95 just south of Richmond, Virginia has delighted many Southerners who are used to hearing of the South’s symbols, songs and flags under attack in Progressive USA. It has also sparked a backlash from anti-Southern elements, mostly Northern transplants, who are raising money to put up an anti-Confederate billboard near the flag. Now SNN has been brought into the fray

More at:  SNN & the I-95 Confederate flag.


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The Peter Schiff Show: When Lives Are on the Line, Who Needs Competence When You Can Have Diversity?


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Women Not The Victims In Business Feminists Would Have You Believe-Updated

If women want and choose to make different career choices than men, are they really victims of sexism or victims of the feminist movement?  After all it is a woman’s choice right?  It that is really true to feminists then why do they attack any woman who makes conservative, family oriented choices?

I am glad that people are pointing out that women are not the victims of the business world this PC world would have you believe, they are making choices that men don’t and getting different results.  Don’t get me wrong there are women who are truly wronged by sexist management, just the same as some men have had the same experience.

I would also like to add that I personally know, and know of, many families where the mother is the bread-winner and the father stays at home with the children because the woman is able to make more money in her career than the man.  The tide is changing and people who are stuck in the past are lying to themselves, and to the masses; you have to be blind to not see that women being second to men as a societal practice is just that, a thing of the past.

If a woman places, or keeps herself, in a position where she is being held down or back that is her issue in which she must make a hard choice; not the issue of the society as a whole.  I am very successful in my career and family, but I had to make many hard choices to get here, but they were mine to make.  If I had not, the only one holding me back would have been myself.  Blaming a society for your personal bad choices is a cop-out and a very co-dependent behavior.  A person with these behaviors can never be successful; you could not find two more opposite people.

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A Reminder Of The Importance Of Individualism, Through A Child’s Eyes

Today my eleven-year old son discovered that one of his siblings had poked a hole through a bag of sugar, on the hutch, with a pencil.  I lined all four potential culprits up (not including the baby who obviously didn’t commit the destructive act and the three-year old who is not tall enough to have reached the bag of sugar) and let them know I wanted the truth as to who did it.

No one fessed up so I sat them all down each with a paper and pencil and a simple sentence to write over and over “I will not destroy”.  I kept it short as the youngest in the line up is four years old and this would be a difficult task for her.  After about five minutes the guilty one confessed; it was my four-year old daughter.  I made her apologize to her siblings for getting them in trouble.  As they have all been taught, they all forgave her.

She tearfully brought me her paper upon which she wrote her single, solitary sentence that was barely legible, and which took so much effort to write it extracted the truth from her.  I gathered the other papers containing the other children’s’ sentences and we all got a laugh from my eight year old son’s paper.  He apparently took the sentence as a fill in the blank and had written: I will not destroy sugar, I will not destroy peanut butter bars, I will not destroy Swiss rolls, I will not destroy frosted cherry…. listing each item on the hutch.

It just reminds me that everyone looks at things differently and of how much we need to protect that precious right from the political correctness that is suffocating individualism and free thought in our once free republic.


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Richmond Councilman Baliles proposes anti-Southern billboard near I-95 flag

In response to the announced upcoming raising of a large Confederate flag just outside of Richmond, Virginia along I-95, Councilman Jon Baliles is pushing the idea of posting an anti-Southern billboard message near the flag. Mr Baliles recently posted the message on his Facebook page along with a picture of the proposed billboard which reads ‘This is RVA. Not the CSA.’ Supporters of Mr Baliles quickly responded with anti-Southern comments endors …

More at:  Richmond Councilman Baliles proposes anti-Southern billboard near I-95 flag.


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Rand Paul: Questions About Neo-Confederate Ex-Aide a ‘Bunch of Crap’

Rand Paul: Questions About Neo-Confederate Ex-Aide a ‘Bunch of Crap’.


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Bill Donohue comments on an attempt by homosexuals to dictate to a Catholic school what its strictures should be:

An employee signs a contract with his employer to abide by certain house rules. Subsequently, the employee willfully violates the contract. After he is fired, he threatens to sue. Meanwhile, an online petition calling for his reinstatement emerges. Sounds pretty basic: the employer had every right to enforce the contract, and efforts by outsiders to bully the employer are unethical. But wait—this case involves homosexuality; to many this constitutes a game-changer.

A homosexual teacher at St. Lucy’s Priory High School outside Los Angeles was wed to another man on July 1. The school found out about it, and he was terminated. The school said that what its teachers do in private is not its business, but “public displays of behavior that are directly contrary to church teachings are inconsistent with these values.” They didn’t make up these rules on the fly. “These values are incorporated into the contractual obligations of each of our instructors and other employees.”

There are those who, like Republican gay activist David Lampo, think it is absurd to maintain that gay marriage threatens religious liberty. It would be instructive to know what in the world they think is going on in this case. The truth is that it has been known for years that gay rights and religious rights are on a collision course. Importantly, only one of those rights is enshrined in the First Amendment. Hint: it isn’t the one that deals with sex.

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Zimmerman Not Guilty | American Renaissance

Zimmerman Not Guilty | American Renaissance.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 14, 2013

Five white women and an apparent Hispanic have acquitted George Zimmerman on all counts. The facts and the law clearly required that they do so. However, this is a just conclusion only to a case that should never have been brought, and that casts a harsh and damning light on black race hustlers, crazed white liberals, and a vilely irresponsible media. [read more]


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Soledad O’Brien: ‘OK, white person, this is a conversation you clearly are uncomfortable with’ |

Soledad O’Brien: ‘OK, white person, this is a conversation you clearly are uncomfortable with’ |

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Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference

Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference.


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