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Book Review – “Confederate Alphabet” By Rickey E. Pittman

While searching our library for another book I stumbled across “Confederate Alphabet” by Rickey E. Pittman a book written for children.  This is an excellent, patriotic, and inspiring book for any Southern family.  A highly recommend it.

It is not politically correct and several Southern heroes, like Captain William Quantrill, Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Brigadier Gen. Stand Watie, are featured; not exactly Northern favorites.  The book was illustrated by Stephanie Ford.  Several of the illustrations are breath-taking and help reinforce the narrative of the book.

My only complaint is the back cover illustration is missing some Confederate states and territories.  Lots of brave Southerners died fighting for West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Indian territory (Oklahoma), and Arizona territory for them to be left off.


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Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Law Thrown Out by Federal Judge

Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Law Thrown Out by Federal Judge


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Will Liberal Judges force Sharia-Compliant in America?

During the Elections of Nov. 2nd, some much needed laws were on the ballots. One of them was in Oklahoma were 70% of the citizens stood tall and are not going to let the Federal Gov. undermine their Sovereign Constitution.

If it is possible to alter or subvert laws in our country via the Religious Code of Laws we as Catholics/Christians should demand the implementation of Canon Law.

“Lost in the “shellacking” that Democrats took on Election Day was news of a first-of-its-kind state constitutional amendment passed in Oklahoma. Voters there passed an amendment that prohibits courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases.”

It’s telling that at a time in America when Christian doctors are being ordered to set aside their religious beliefs in order to perform abortions, Muslims may be close to gaining more rights to elevate their religious precepts over civil law.

And at a time when American courts agonize over whether lethal injection may be too painful for coldblooded killers to endure, the religion of peace prescribes punishments aimed at inflicting as much pain as possible, often against the innocent.

Liberal judges have used foreign law in their decisions on everything from upholding race-based admissions at public universities to legalizing sodomy.

They are wrong to do so. We are a society based on Judeo-Christian principles of civilization. Neither modern Europe’s secularist bias nor the world’s Sharia-based Islamic regimes have anything better to offer than our own founding ideals.”

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EWTN Family Prayer – For Our Nation


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What’s Going On In Dixie 6/6/08


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