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Lower South Whites almost unanimous in opposition to Obama

In two recent articles for The New York Times, columnist and researcher Nate Cohn explains that while the United States as a whole is moving to the Left an…

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Book Review – “Confederate Alphabet” By Rickey E. Pittman

While searching our library for another book I stumbled across “Confederate Alphabet” by Rickey E. Pittman a book written for children.  This is an excellent, patriotic, and inspiring book for any Southern family.  A highly recommend it.

It is not politically correct and several Southern heroes, like Captain William Quantrill, Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Brigadier Gen. Stand Watie, are featured; not exactly Northern favorites.  The book was illustrated by Stephanie Ford.  Several of the illustrations are breath-taking and help reinforce the narrative of the book.

My only complaint is the back cover illustration is missing some Confederate states and territories.  Lots of brave Southerners died fighting for West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Indian territory (Oklahoma), and Arizona territory for them to be left off.


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The Economic Power of the Southern States

The Economic Power of the Southern States.


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Dec. 6, 1889 Death of Jefferson Davis

President Davis was a true defender of freedom and liberty for all and saw the dark shadow of a centralization of power in DC.

On December 6, 1889, the Christmas Season in New Orleans was saddened when Jefferson Davis died of unknown causes at the age of eighty-one. His funeral was one of the largest ever staged in the South.


The body of Jefferson Davis laid in state at the city hall of New Orleans from midnight on December 6th to the 11th. He was dressed in Confederate gray and flowers adorned the city hall. Confederate flags and the Union flag were hung from above. Thousands of mourners came from out of town to join the residents of New Orleans to pay their respects to the man who once was the South’s beloved leader. The men saluted their former leader and the women bowed their heads in prayer. Tears filled the eyes of young people who were born at the time Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederacy.

The church bells rang throughout the city. On December 11, 1889, twenty thousand people lined the streets of New Orleans as the body of Jefferson Davis was taken, by funeral carriage, to Metairie Cemetery in the crescent city. The funeral procession included those who wore the gray during the War Between the States.

All flags flew at half mast. It is sad that the War Department of the United States did not lower the United States flag in his honor. Jefferson Davis was the only former Secretary of War who had ever been denied the honor.

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A Newspaper Article gives a further account.

Many Clergyman from the South were at the funeral to Officiate including Bishop Galleher of New Orleans and Rev. Father Darius Hubert of the Jesuit Catholic Church.

“A careful tally of the visitors shows that about 40,000 persons viewed the remains today, mostly women and children.  The crowds included in respectful attendance, all conditions of whites, blacks, ex-Confederates, ex-Federalist, even Indians and Chinamen.”

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EWTN Family Prayer – For Our Nation


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Obama Has A Reason For Blocking An Entire World Of Help To Stop The Oil Spill

Don’t be fooled; Obama isn’t an inept idiot who cannot handle the job of stopping the oil spill.  There were plans in place, there was domestic and international offers of help, there were capable governors ready to respond, there was a world of ways to almost immediately take on this oil spill, but only one thing, one person, blocking their way; Obama.  Why?  What would possess a president of the United States to betray his own Republic?  Power, money, agenda. 

Obama has an agenda that he believes will receive a shot in the arm the bigger this disaster becomes.  We need to stop blaming BP for this disaster; they went to Obama and offered $20 billion to help and Obama went to the press and twisted the truth to make is appear as if he was forcing them to put up the $20 billion.  It is all about smoke and mirrors with him.  So what has he allowed to be done with the $20 billion?  Nothing.  He doesn’t even have the power nor is it his place to do these things.  He may take that power and that is called a dictatorship. 

Obama has long stated and dreamed of inflating the cost of oil and energy so that Americans would be forced to live more meagerly while bureaucrats live high on the profits.  What better way to skyrocket oil and energy costs than to ensure that this disaster is so large that it destroys BP and the cost saving resources it provides?  

Using this disaster to promote his destructive and socialist cap and trade and environmental agendas was a no brainer, but the more insidious benefit for Obama is the economic damage to the Southern states he so profoundly despises.  Do you think if an equally destructive disaster hit DC, or California, or Chicago that the call to arms and the flood of money and assistance from the administration would not have been instant and overboard?  Obama needs to stop using this disaster to benefit his own agenda and get out of the way of aid and help who could control the damage that seems to be making Obama exuberant in the shadow of what he perceives as success. 

If governors of the affected states would stop giving the feds control they don’t have and take control of their own state’s destinies we would stop this disaster.  Gov. Bobby Jindal has begun to take that control back and needs our support reach the point where he can put Obama in his place and take over for this hateful president and get the job done.  He has been told by experts that he should have, from the very beginning , not gone to the federal government for permission.  This is his power, not theirs, and he and the others did not take that responsibility when they should have.  We have been indoctrinated that states are not sovereign countries and that governors are weak and powerless next to the president.  We need to re-educate our people to what the truth is; a very different picture our Constitution paints.  Learn it and exercise it, everyone of you.  Support these governors and we will start to see results.


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