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Contemptible Mother Tells Neighbor Family To Euthanize Their Autistic Son

When I read this article some words came to mind; evil, hateful, unnatural, vile, unfit.

As the mother of an autistic son I was mortified by this so-called mother’s dangerous and threatening words to a family with 13-year old autistic son.  There is no room in our society for someone who can write such a contemptible letter and send it to a family telling them they should euthanize their son because he disturbs her world.

Someone who is capable of writing these words is most likely capable of harming this child and may not be fit to mother her own children.  These are the words of an unstable person and no matter what synonyms she uses she is talking about murdering a child.

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals A Nightmare For America

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda and talking points of liberals hell-bent on destroying this republic as a harbor of freedom, liberty and equality.  The federal government and all of its minions know the only way they can continue a business-as-usual environment is to weaken the voters whom they only see as a barrier to crush.  How do you weaken the voting pool that stand in your way?  You dilute it.  If your tea is too strong you put more water into it and dilute it.  They are diluting the revolutionary Americans with foreigners so they can push through their agendas and keep their power.

The Deferred Action for Childhood program and all initiatives like it will leave this republic a cesspool of ruin.  It will raise the unemployment rate as there are already not enough jobs thanks to Obama’s administration, which will raise the welfare dependency, with will raise taxes, which will raise the poverty rate, which will raise the crime rate…..  Do I need to continue?  Don’t let a bleeding heart be your downfall.  No nation can fix the world’s problems and every nation who tries ensures its downfall.


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Women Not The Victims In Business Feminists Would Have You Believe-Updated

If women want and choose to make different career choices than men, are they really victims of sexism or victims of the feminist movement?  After all it is a woman’s choice right?  It that is really true to feminists then why do they attack any woman who makes conservative, family oriented choices?

I am glad that people are pointing out that women are not the victims of the business world this PC world would have you believe, they are making choices that men don’t and getting different results.  Don’t get me wrong there are women who are truly wronged by sexist management, just the same as some men have had the same experience.

I would also like to add that I personally know, and know of, many families where the mother is the bread-winner and the father stays at home with the children because the woman is able to make more money in her career than the man.  The tide is changing and people who are stuck in the past are lying to themselves, and to the masses; you have to be blind to not see that women being second to men as a societal practice is just that, a thing of the past.

If a woman places, or keeps herself, in a position where she is being held down or back that is her issue in which she must make a hard choice; not the issue of the society as a whole.  I am very successful in my career and family, but I had to make many hard choices to get here, but they were mine to make.  If I had not, the only one holding me back would have been myself.  Blaming a society for your personal bad choices is a cop-out and a very co-dependent behavior.  A person with these behaviors can never be successful; you could not find two more opposite people.

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Christians In Egypt Persecuted By Islamists

The violence against Christians in Egypt by Islamists continues.  Any nation who does not support an end to this violence and persecutions like this does not have the right leadership.

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A Reminder Of The Importance Of Individualism, Through A Child’s Eyes

Today my eleven-year old son discovered that one of his siblings had poked a hole through a bag of sugar, on the hutch, with a pencil.  I lined all four potential culprits up (not including the baby who obviously didn’t commit the destructive act and the three-year old who is not tall enough to have reached the bag of sugar) and let them know I wanted the truth as to who did it.

No one fessed up so I sat them all down each with a paper and pencil and a simple sentence to write over and over “I will not destroy”.  I kept it short as the youngest in the line up is four years old and this would be a difficult task for her.  After about five minutes the guilty one confessed; it was my four-year old daughter.  I made her apologize to her siblings for getting them in trouble.  As they have all been taught, they all forgave her.

She tearfully brought me her paper upon which she wrote her single, solitary sentence that was barely legible, and which took so much effort to write it extracted the truth from her.  I gathered the other papers containing the other children’s’ sentences and we all got a laugh from my eight year old son’s paper.  He apparently took the sentence as a fill in the blank and had written: I will not destroy sugar, I will not destroy peanut butter bars, I will not destroy Swiss rolls, I will not destroy frosted cherry…. listing each item on the hutch.

It just reminds me that everyone looks at things differently and of how much we need to protect that precious right from the political correctness that is suffocating individualism and free thought in our once free republic.


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Georgia Stops Paying for Abortions in State Employee Insurance Plans

Georgia Stops Paying for Abortions in State Employee Insurance Plans.

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We Are Catholic

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