Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals A Nightmare For America

17 Aug

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda and talking points of liberals hell-bent on destroying this republic as a harbor of freedom, liberty and equality.  The federal government and all of its minions know the only way they can continue a business-as-usual environment is to weaken the voters whom they only see as a barrier to crush.  How do you weaken the voting pool that stand in your way?  You dilute it.  If your tea is too strong you put more water into it and dilute it.  They are diluting the revolutionary Americans with foreigners so they can push through their agendas and keep their power.

The Deferred Action for Childhood program and all initiatives like it will leave this republic a cesspool of ruin.  It will raise the unemployment rate as there are already not enough jobs thanks to Obama’s administration, which will raise the welfare dependency, with will raise taxes, which will raise the poverty rate, which will raise the crime rate…..  Do I need to continue?  Don’t let a bleeding heart be your downfall.  No nation can fix the world’s problems and every nation who tries ensures its downfall.


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