A Reminder Of The Importance Of Individualism, Through A Child’s Eyes

12 Aug

Today my eleven-year old son discovered that one of his siblings had poked a hole through a bag of sugar, on the hutch, with a pencil.  I lined all four potential culprits up (not including the baby who obviously didn’t commit the destructive act and the three-year old who is not tall enough to have reached the bag of sugar) and let them know I wanted the truth as to who did it.

No one fessed up so I sat them all down each with a paper and pencil and a simple sentence to write over and over “I will not destroy”.  I kept it short as the youngest in the line up is four years old and this would be a difficult task for her.  After about five minutes the guilty one confessed; it was my four-year old daughter.  I made her apologize to her siblings for getting them in trouble.  As they have all been taught, they all forgave her.

She tearfully brought me her paper upon which she wrote her single, solitary sentence that was barely legible, and which took so much effort to write it extracted the truth from her.  I gathered the other papers containing the other children’s’ sentences and we all got a laugh from my eight year old son’s paper.  He apparently took the sentence as a fill in the blank and had written: I will not destroy sugar, I will not destroy peanut butter bars, I will not destroy Swiss rolls, I will not destroy frosted cherry…. listing each item on the hutch.

It just reminds me that everyone looks at things differently and of how much we need to protect that precious right from the political correctness that is suffocating individualism and free thought in our once free republic.


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One response to “A Reminder Of The Importance Of Individualism, Through A Child’s Eyes

  1. Dirtdobber Davis

    August 13, 2013 at 9:14 AM

    So Mote it be ! … [ >< ]
    Laus Deo !


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