The Misinterpretation Of State; The Cessation Of The Colony

16 Jul


There is an unfortunate and widespread misinterpretation in our republic of the state. What is a state? Why is the definition of state important? How does it relates to our lives today?

When immigrants came to North America they did so for many reasons, including indentured servants and the religiously persecuted. They settled large areas of land along with others whom shared their common believes and value systems. These groups of settlers formed individual colonies which developed their own systems of self-government. Under the same tyrannical oppression they united together for strength in resisting that tyranny. These colonies declared their freedom and independence from Great Britain and ceasing to exist as colonies and becoming states; self governed entities, countries who went on to prepare a plan for confederation.

You see, a state is comparable to a government or synonymous with. This is important because a country who enters into a union of countries for defense does not give up it’s sovereignty in doing so. Europe, for example has a union that consists of sovereign countries who govern themselves. The federal government created by the colonial confederation was for defense and trade, not to replace their individual governments which kept the common beliefs and value systems of the individual groups of people separate from the others who differed from them.

Becoming a state solidified their freedom from Great Britain, not their submission to a replacement federal government. They were individual countries, not unlike those of France, Spain, or Italy, with their own individual governments. Over time, and with the help of nationalist, socialist, and progressive theologies and presidents who embodied them generation after generation has been re-educated that states are nothing more than servile territories of the federal government.

This has led to the misconception that states do not have a right to secede from the union. In fact the very formation of the states, and then union, was from the cessation of colonial oppression under the rule of Great Britain. The very existence of our republic is the definition of secession; the breaking away of a group/s of people who no longer share the same beliefs, values, or desired form of government. This is why the Tenth Amendment expressly states that the all powers were retained by the states except those few abilities given to the federal government in the Constitution to defend the states, enter into treaties for the states, and to maintain trade for the states. They retained the right to withdraw from that union at will (anything given can be taken away).

The existence of the federal government is to serve the sovereign state governments. As we all know, any union, including one with the almighty God is voluntary and can be dissolved at will at any time. Don’t let reconstruction strip away the heritage our founding fathers sacrificed everything for. Everything is based on the sovereignty of the country states that make up the union of America. Don’t let anyone take that away from you and your children it is our birthright.


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