26 Aug

Mitt Romney’s campaign, and the Republican establishment, have made known, once-and-for-all that they will always stand for themselves over the people and they will never seek the true founders’ vision for America.  The act of stripping the Ron Paul delegates was an act of tyranny over the political process.  Their very act was manipulative and subvertive and a mistake that will come back to haunt them, I predict.

I believe this will cost Romney the election; giving Obama the win.  The establishment has disparaged Libertarians and Constitutionalists all too often.  While many think we are a small percent of the vote, we make up a larger and larger percent of the Conservative vote every day.  As Obama defiles and crushes America with his insubstantial policies, Americans are becoming more and more resolute in their demand that America be restored to her original intent and if that means refusing to accept the crumbs the establishment chooses to throw our way and costs the establishment an election to make that point, then that is a choice the establishment made.

I rigidly support those Ron Paul and liberty supporters who are standing up to the establishment with their vote for Gary Johnson.  In my opinion, the establishment made a conscious choice to turn on a portion of its own voter block and therein deserves to lose the election.  Romney and the establishment has now done nothing to secure the vote of those with the true, undilluted, American spirit and because of that I now believe enough voters will stand up with their vote; giving Obama the win.

I myself would rather see a RINO lose then to give them a victory and allow them to believe that they can continue with their destructive, freedom anemic, autocratic policies that do as much damage to our Republic as progressive policies; just at a slower, more painful rate.

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