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Bishop: Obama Mandate Tells Catholics “To Hell With You” |

Bishop: Obama Mandate Tells Catholics “To Hell With You” |


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Catholic Prayer

For the Family

Great protector of the family, St. Gerard, we ask your prayers for all parents, that they may receive the grace to live in the love of God and bring up their children to know and love him with all their hearts.

We ask you to pray that those who take the lives of unborn innocents and attack the dignity of motherhood may come to see the error of their ways, and that all men may value the holiness of Christian family life.

God, our loving Father, your love gives life to the world. Bless and make holy all human love, especially the life-giving love of husband and wife. May your love fill the hearts and homes of all families, so that the world may enjoy the peace and happiness promised by your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Canning Advice

Practical canning advice for off-the-grid scenarios.

One solution would be to home-can your food. Also home canning is a very inexpensive and frugal way to add to your food stores.  Not to mention you know exactly what goes into those jars.  No bug content in my catsup like there is with the commercial type.  If you have worked in a commercial cannery then you will understand why I do not want to feed that stuff to my family.  It is horrifying to see what is actually deemed “acceptable”.

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Contributors At Time Magazine Want The Government To Assume Your Parental Rights

If these contributors to Time Magazine has their way you will be nothing, but a nanny, to your own children charged with raising children who belong to the government and whose parental rights over your children will trump what you feel is the best interest of your child. To see what a disaster this abhoration will be all you need to do is take a behind the doors look at the foster/CPS system and the inexcusable way it crushes families and children under its socialist, abusive, holocaustic control.

We have seen what reconstruction has done to the South and our children in government re-education camps they call schools and its agenda to annihilate all that the South stands for. We cannot allow Magazine contributors, the UN, or the federal government to steal our children, your future, our cherished gifts from God himself, and rip their very souls from them under a totalitarian control over every aspect of your life; even whether or not you or your child deserves that life.

Let the government know they don’t have the right to even consider such a measure, let alone be allowed to enact it.  Constact your representative and let them know we will stop the cancerous growth in this republic these socialists have become and vote out every one of them who believes they actually have a right to regulate or mandate anything in our lives, no matter what their justification.  This is why our states need to be sovereign again to govern themselves the way their citizens see fit.


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Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk: Failed Fed Policies Prolong the Agony

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Obama’s War On The Catholic Church

It is disgusting how many of my fellow Catholics fell for Obama’s lies and voted for him. One thing is crystal clear now, Obama has declared war on the Catholic Church. Not satisfied to just funnel our tax payer dollars to fund abortions not only in the US, but all over the world, he now wants to force Catholic institutions to provide insurance policies that cover abortion, contraception, and sterilizationPlease stand with your fellow Catholics and sign the petition.  Our religious freedom must be respected.  We find ourselves in this position because Lincoln’s War of Aggression was successful and the federal government has been growing out-of-control ever since.  Here is one of my favorite quotes from a great president, Thomas Jefferson:  “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

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