Time To Take Columbus Day Seriously

10 Oct

When my oldest children were young I used to teach them all about Columbus.  Something I have not continued.  That will change today.  The country is turning into a third world nation and we need to celebrate our history and heritage daily or risk losing it.  James Edwards has written a masterful post about the importance of Columbus day here is a couple of my favorite paragraphs, but make sure to read the whole article.

…Why? Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus, the first European (white
person) to come to the Western Hemisphere and make the presence permanent.
Columbus Day, in other words, celebrates the advent of the White race in the
so-called New World of the Americas. This, of course, is the last thing that the
multicultural Left wants celebrated.

Their guiding principal, invented by both Trotsky and the Cultural Marxists
at approximately the same time, is best summed up by the late, unlamented Susan
Sontag’s famous quote, “The white race is the cancer of human history.” Who
wants to celebrate cancer? Consequently, Columbus Day has been transformed from
a holiday into an occasion for weeping, wailing, rending of garments and
gnashing of teeth by the Left…


The primary beneficiaries of white rule are the nonwhites that live in
white dominated counties. Blacks in America, for instance, whipped into an
inconsolable frenzy by the Left regarding their imagined mistreatment by whites,
are the only oppressed people in the world who consider themselves impoverished
but routinely own and use cars, cell phones, computers, iPads, flat-screen TVs,
washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers, and live in centrally
air-conditioned homes with yards, driveways and carports. They are also provided
enough free food by the government that they suffer, when left to their own
devices, from morbid obesity.
Our culture is under constant attack.  We cannot expect someone else to defend it for us.  The truth is, given our low birth rates, we are a dying culture, but there is still time to turn it around.
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One response to “Time To Take Columbus Day Seriously

  1. hansston

    October 10, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    Just wrote an essay on Columbus and preached it. Used the dates of August 2nd, 1492 and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and August 3rd Columbus’ departure.


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