An Aging South

27 Sep

Here’s an interesting article and population pyramids graphic. The South is changing, and rapidlyNot only are we having fewer children, but a large percentage of our population shares more identity with their own culture rather than the Southern culture.  The graphic shows, in perfect clarity, that the areas of growth in our Republic are where illegal immigrants are settling.

We as Southerners need to have a serious conversation about how much legal immigration is wise and where it should come from.  We have to be serious about dealing with the illegal immigration problem, which is stealing billions from our states and federal government, crowding our schools, burdening our criminal justice system, and impairing our health care system.

This population decline, in my opinion, is a serious threat as many no longer consider family a priority.  People are having children later in life and fewer of them; it will eventually have a devastating effect as we try to hold onto our cultural identity.  From a religious point of view the Bible is very clear, we should have large families.  From a secular point of view, for the South to stay economically powerful, and faithful to our heritage, Southerners need to have more children.  It makes sense for our states to encourage large families because  it can not be denied that a large population allows us to be competitive with other regions and cultures.

2.1 Kids: Stable Population

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