Dec. 6, 1889 Death of Jefferson Davis

06 Dec

President Davis was a true defender of freedom and liberty for all and saw the dark shadow of a centralization of power in DC.

On December 6, 1889, the Christmas Season in New Orleans was saddened when Jefferson Davis died of unknown causes at the age of eighty-one. His funeral was one of the largest ever staged in the South.


The body of Jefferson Davis laid in state at the city hall of New Orleans from midnight on December 6th to the 11th. He was dressed in Confederate gray and flowers adorned the city hall. Confederate flags and the Union flag were hung from above. Thousands of mourners came from out of town to join the residents of New Orleans to pay their respects to the man who once was the South’s beloved leader. The men saluted their former leader and the women bowed their heads in prayer. Tears filled the eyes of young people who were born at the time Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederacy.

The church bells rang throughout the city. On December 11, 1889, twenty thousand people lined the streets of New Orleans as the body of Jefferson Davis was taken, by funeral carriage, to Metairie Cemetery in the crescent city. The funeral procession included those who wore the gray during the War Between the States.

All flags flew at half mast. It is sad that the War Department of the United States did not lower the United States flag in his honor. Jefferson Davis was the only former Secretary of War who had ever been denied the honor.

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A Newspaper Article gives a further account.

Many Clergyman from the South were at the funeral to Officiate including Bishop Galleher of New Orleans and Rev. Father Darius Hubert of the Jesuit Catholic Church.

“A careful tally of the visitors shows that about 40,000 persons viewed the remains today, mostly women and children.  The crowds included in respectful attendance, all conditions of whites, blacks, ex-Confederates, ex-Federalist, even Indians and Chinamen.”

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One response to “Dec. 6, 1889 Death of Jefferson Davis

  1. sallieparker

    February 9, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    Davis was a lifelong crypto-Catholic who in one of his prison letters to his wife described the Church as his “first love.” He was distressed when visiting Havana after the death of his first wife and saw the slovenly attitude of the local clergy; this was his first negative impression of Catholicism, though of course it was cultural, not religious. His niece and nephew’s family were Catholic; his daughter attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Montreal. The Confederate secretary of the navy, Stephen Mallory, was RC, as was the controversial Commissary-General, Lucius B. Northrop (a lifelong friend who continually pestered JFD to convert).


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