Who Is The Terrorist? TSA Abuses Against Non Terrorists

22 Nov
Have you willingly subjected yourself to the naked body scanners or the sexually abusive and potentially medically harmful pat downs at an airport?  Did you excuse this abuse of your body by your government as a trade off for security?  Was it Americans who planned and executed 9-11?  Is it Muslim women who are now exempt from full body searches?  What has happened in American when our government is above the law and foreigners and terrorists rights above its own citizens and take children away from so-called bad parents who teach their children Conservatism yet turn around and sexually abuse children in airport security potentially at the hands of sex offenders who are hired by the TSA?
It is citizens’ pacifism and willingness to give up their Constitutional rights for the so-called privilege to travel that has allowed this to occur in America, land of the free.  They have accepted it and have therefore deemed themselves unworthy of security or liberty.  Not one terrorist is being stopped if American women and children are being sexually groped while the groups from which the terrorists are mainly recruited from are not allowed to be profiled or fully searched.  For all the so-called security these sheepish Americans are putting themselves and their children through they are not one iota safer since the real potential threat could have just bypassed those same check points and boarded their plane ahead of them.  Not to mention, these scans and searches are not the appropriate approach to even detect what they are looking for. 
Those putting themselves and their children through these abuses to board a plane have sacrificed all security and liberty and because of this, according to Benjamin Franklin, they don’t deserve it.
“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin
There is nothing in this life that is so important that we must be violated for the privilege to fly.  I have left a job because of burdensome air travel expectations and that was before the TSA went McCarthy on American air travelers.  This holiday season 94% of travelers are chosing to drive.  Instead of opting out of the naked body scanners, why not opt out of air travel all together?
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One response to “Who Is The Terrorist? TSA Abuses Against Non Terrorists

  1. A J MacDonald Jr

    November 22, 2010 at 3:45 PM

    Good post!


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