Supposed Food safety bill could hurt small farms.

19 Nov

Under the guise of “Food Safety” the over reaching liberals in the Federal Gov. are trying to pass this bill. It is an example of how the trifecta of Big Government, Big Business and Big Labor continue to enslave the people.

“S 510, a major food safety bill making progress in the Senate. While it contains some important protections, a number of people are justly concerned about the bill’s impact on family farms. The problem is that it will will require small scale operations to adhere to the same expensive and complicated regulations required of mega-factory farms and agribusinesses. The food corporations can afford the new cost, but their small scale competitors can’t. It’s an easy way for agribusinesses to clear the field.”

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One response to “Supposed Food safety bill could hurt small farms.

  1. Rebel Dad

    November 20, 2010 at 5:23 AM

    I am glad you posted on this. The capital was inundated Tuesday with calls, though the wait times were not that long. I am hoping that the calls will continue to come in. This will destroy family farms, not to mention the loss of freedom. This would make us all dependent on big corporate farms. I still like farm fresh eggs, there is no substitute. This garbage they claim is food in the stores has been drained of almost all taste and nutrition.


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