Inside Catholic: Having A Frank Conversation About Race

05 Nov

It is very unfortunate we have so many people who seem to live and fan the flames of divisiveness, distrust and dishonesty.

The myth of widespread white racism is kept alive by two groups. For one, there are the black demagogues who are doing poor imitations of Martin Luther King. They are fighting Jim Crow in an age when Jim Crow is dead and buried. I don’t have in mind here just the major league players (mainly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) but also the petty demagogues, hundreds of them, found in almost any city or town with a sizable African American population. Their occupation would be gone if it were recognized that white racism is an insignificant factor in American life.

The second group is composed of upper-middle-class white liberals. These are privileged people — privileged in terms of education, career, income, assets, housing, travel, fine dining, good wine, and so on. Privileged people in all societies and in all ages have felt the need to justify their privileges by claiming to be morally superior to the non-privileged. These liberals are racism-free, and they deplore racism in others — this is their great claim to moral superiority. They don’t say they are perfect, and will freely admit to moral shortcomings of a non-racist variety. But racism is America’s great national sin — the nation’s original sin, so to speak; and with regard to this, upper-middle-class white liberals are sinless. This makes them morally superior, which entitles them to their many privileges.”

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