Consequences On Election Day

27 Oct

There has been a lot of articles, including this one, about how the Democrats are going to be politically wiped out this election day in the South.  That is a good thing because the Democrat Party no longer represents Southern values.  For years many Southern Democrats were pro-life and conservative on most issues.  I feel we gave them a pass because the national Democrat Party has been a staunch supporter of abortion and gay marriage.  They have fought to tear down our families, our heritage, and to strip the states of the few rights they had remaining. 

I have often said that if Bush had a D at the end of his name they would have loved him because he sure acted like one of them, except on moral issues.  I feel we all have a responsiblity to vote for candidates who will stand for our heritage and fight for the authority our states have lost.  There are many good candidate, for once, this election season.  I hope that you will support and back those in your area.

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Posted by on October 27, 2010 in Abortion, Election '10, heritage


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