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Restoring The Importance Of A Large Family

Palmetto Patriot has really outdone himself again.  In this video his friend Jon talks about the importance of large families.

I could not agree any stronger with the sentiments expressed by Jon in this video.  I feel that the size of family started to decline at the same time we faced a moral decline.  It became more about material possessions and an easy lifestyle than being fruitful and multiplying as our Lord commands.  I am lucky, I married a Southern, Catholic woman who feels just as passionately about this issue as I do. 

 We have six children and we had one miscarriage.  I have no doubt that child is in heaven waiting for us.  We have a significantly busier schedule than our friends, our finances are tighter, and I believe our marriage and life is more fulfilling than most.  We are raising our children in the traditions of the South.  We are teaching them real history and it has been exciting to witness them surpass the opportunities we had. 

It is sad how many people now-a-days decide not to have children or to only have one or two.  I could not imagine any one of my children not being here and I honestly want two more.  If we are going to stop the demographic decline of our people more Southerners are going to have to have larger families.  There is no way around it.


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Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona


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Why The Tea Party Is, In Some Ways, Already A Failure – UPDATED AND BUMPED


There has been positive developments on this story.  Palmetto Patriot all the details here:   Meeting with Columbia, SC Tea Party Chairman Allen Olson

Palmetto Patriot is dealing with some pathetic attacks from a Tea Party leader in Columbia, SC.  It is important to acknowledge that this man, I won’t use his name he already has enough press, is a Yankee who came to the South, but apparently cannot stand Southerners.  This is one of the leading problems with the Tea Party, they are always throwing those who could be allies under the bus so that they can claim they are not racists.  How is advocating for your heritage racist in any way?  He could not be more wrong than to attack Palmetto Patriot with this term. 

When we first started this blog it was Palmetto Patriot who offered help and assistance.  I have seen him do it for others.  All the while, he tries to advocate on behalf of his state and his heritage.  There is nothing even remotely racist about anything he does.  It strikes me as pathetic and simple-minded to so casually throw around a destructive term simply because you lack the insight to debate the issues.  The racist term has lost any meaning at this point.  It simply means that you are a God-fearing, white person. 

This would be a great point for me to recommend James Edwards’ book “Racism, Schmacism“; the perfect guide to learn how to deal with these thoughtless attacks.  Any Yankees who live in the South and don’t like our heritage, feel free to move back North; I understand property is especially cheap in Detroit. 

 The one thing I find more disgusting than liberal Yankees moving to the South is our own kind betraying us either through a desire to fit in with the New York city crowd or through ignorance of our own heritage and history.  I hope Southerners wake up because time is running out .  Southerners also need to quit blindly voting for those who would undermine our freedoms and work against the well-being of the South.

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