Exciting Discussion Over At Rebellion Blog

25 Jul

For all my Catholic readers who are fed up with the decision of may Bishops and Priests to support amnesty, join the discussion at Rebellion Blog and weigh in.  We are blessed to have a very conservative Priest, however our Bishop has written me when I refused to donate to a Catholic charity that openly supported amnesty.  It is a shame that so many in the Church leadership are putting their own liberal agenda above their duty to follow the law. 

Our Lord was clear that we were to render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  The Church is not being asked to deny the Lord therefore they are obligated to follow our immigration laws.  I feel that many in the Christian community, and not just the Catholic Church, are replacing God with government. It is not the government’s job to help the poor, it is the Church’s and by allowing the government to take more and more of the Church’s responsibilities we have abdicate our responsibility to show our Lord Jesus Christ’s love through compassionate works.


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2 responses to “Exciting Discussion Over At Rebellion Blog

  1. Fay

    July 30, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Hi I was wondering why the illegals are being sheltered so to speak by the Catholic Churchs and other Religions to. I am a Catholic living in Arizona and I was taught that Stealing was a Sin along with a crime and here we have People Stealing across Our borders not doing it legal. also these same people covet what We have one of the 10 commandments for each. I tried to teach My Children, GrandChildren and Great Grandchildren that to Steal in any way shape or form is a sin and a crime to covet what Your Neighbor has is a sin. how can we continue to teach Our Children right from wrong when this is being condoned by the religious communitys???? I feel sorry for these People who want a better life when My Ancestors wanted a better life they came here legally. I have great Grandchildren whose Fathers are Mexican but are legal born here over 20 years or more ago to legal Parents. Thanks and hope someone can answer the question of what makes it alright for People to steal and get religious backing?????????? if You go to another country You have to have a passport

    • Rebel Dad

      August 1, 2010 at 9:39 AM

      Great comment Fay. I think all of us traditional Catholics who aren’t drinking the Koolaid deserve an answer to your question.


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