Whites Flee Obama And His Radical Agenda

06 Jul

Well here is another article saying that polls show white voters are abandoning Obama and his socialist ways.  Also that the Democrat Party will attempt to make up for this by turning out more minorities and youth.  I want to know why whites voted for Obama in the first place.  The Democrat Party has been nothing but hostile to our freedoms.  They hate guns, God, and freedom and it is time whites wake up. 

Many in the Republican Party are just as bad but that does not excuse a vote in favor of a party that hates everything about the South.  There are no good Democrats on the National level because the Democrat Party is led by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and any support for the Democrat Party is supporting abortion and a never-ending assault on every freedom we enjoy. 

We need to wake up as a people or find ourselves buried on the ash heap of history.  I do not believe elections will solve the tyranny we face but if we do not support and vote for politicians who are sympathetic to our cause we will have no one in power advocating for our continued freedom.


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2 responses to “Whites Flee Obama And His Radical Agenda

  1. Old Rebel

    July 15, 2010 at 12:41 PM

    People were so disgusted with Bush and his Neocon co-conspirators, they were ready for change, ANY change.

    Too bad they got more of the same — more deficits, more war, more big government.

    It’s enough to make you think our salvation MIGHT not be with the Federal government!

    • Rebel Dad

      July 25, 2010 at 11:02 PM

      I think you got it exactly right. I also believe that a lot of whites would have voted for Obama no matter what kind of president Bush had been; their white guilt called for nothing less.


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