Feds Interfere In Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Again

23 Jun

Once again the feds do what they do best, get in the way, where they don’t belong.  Obama seems hell-bent on interfering in the control of the oil leak and in the clean up operations by states on the Gulf, namely Louisiana.  Louisiana is trying, although maybe not a hard as they should, to control the oil and keeping the devastation from their shores and Obama is fighting them every step of the way. 

Obama’s hatred of the South has never been so apparent as it is in his actions to make sure that their actions to protect themselves are halted at each turn.  His attempts to shove cap-and-trade and shut down US drilling operations is a window into the sole of his administration’s agenda to make Americans pay and suffer for apocryphal hardships on minorities around the world.  Until the feds are put in their place and removed from interfering in such situations the states will continue to suffer under totalitarian devastation.

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