Shake Up At The White House

20 Jun

In not-so-shocking news there will be a huge absence at the White House after the mid-term elections.  Apparently, at least partly, because they want a scape goat for the resistence to Obama’s socialist policies.  So, no one there is wise enough to know that people don’t like socialism shoved down their throat?  After all, if he wanted to get away with it he should have done what all the other presidents do; slowly destroy our Constitution and implement a socialist agenda.  The only way we will truly be free again is if the states become sovereign.  Because these rulers in DC don’t have a clue.


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2 responses to “Shake Up At The White House

  1. Corey Meyer

    June 21, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    So are you including Washington, Adams, Jefferson in you complaint? When have the states been soverign at all? I really look foward to your answer!

    • Rebel Dad

      June 21, 2010 at 10:36 PM

      Actually, I was talking about modern presidents, but a case could be made that the first major attack on the Constitution occurred under John Adams. However, it did not have a lasting impact as it was repealed and Jefferson’s presidency repaired some of the mistakes that were made. In my opinion, the states were sovereign until Lincoln. However, they were under constant attack almost from the drafting of the Constitution.

      The Constitution, quite honestly, was just written to vague. It was meant for honest people and most politicians like to claim ignorance or power that is not in the document. The states are still sovereign, though, they just need to reassert themselves. I am sure you will disagree with everything I have said, if you have a civil dialogue you may retort.


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