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Texas Takes Another Step In The Right Direction

Texas is now deciding what it will include in its history books on the War for Southern Independence.  This is a huge victory for those of us who are sick of seeing our history trashed.  We will never save our culture until we retake our educational institutions.  Texas appears to be the only state currently on the right path.

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Southern Avenger: Rand Paul Revolution

h/t: SLMNews

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The Forgotten South

The North screams that we cannot secede legally, ever.  Yet, now that the South is suffering crisis where are they?  The truth is, they only want us in the Union to pay taxes and to serve as their military force; we all know the Yankees are not well adapted to hardship and warfare.

Since Obama has claimed the throne in DC there have been three major natural disasters in the South, that I can think of off the top of my head; the ice storms that devastated Kentucky, the oil spill in the Gulf, and the devastating floods in Nashville.  The feds have basically sat on their hands and done the bare minimum in all three of these disasters.  The only one to receive regular media attention was the oil spill, and only because it fit a liberal narrative that will lead to more power for DC under the guise of “saving the planet”.

The honest truth is, as we seen in the ice storm and the flood, we don’t need the North; we can take care of our own.  I pray that the South will wake up to the truth that if we were truly independent we could respond to these disasters in a quicker, more effective manner.  Obama despises the South and his actions through out his life and presidency prove that.  I hope that those Southerners who foolishly gave him and his party their vote will never make that mistake again.

James Edwards, over at The Political Cesspool, has written a must-read post about the flooding in Nashville.


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Political Cesspool On Southern Hero, Davy Crockett

I was looking up information on Davy Crockett for a future family trip and came across this video from an old Political Cesspool show discussing Davy. 


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The Consequences Of Immigration

We all hear the rhetoric, we must bring in foreign workers because Americans won’t do the jobs.  Of course, we know that is a lie; there is no job a Southerner won’t do and we prove that everyday through our hard work.  No, it’s just excuses so employers can pay ridiculous wages and treat people like slaves.  Well now, we are faced with yet another story about the consequences of an out-of-control immigration system. 

 h/t: Council of Conservative Citizens

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Mexican Students Knock U.S. Flag to the Ground

Here is yet more video evidence that illegals and their supporters do not respect us and are not the kind, hard-working, family folk they are portrayed to be in the media.  I want to point out that quite often the most militant immigrants shown in the videos are here legally.  They have made absolutely no attempt to integrate into our society and they are slowly destroying the moral fabric of the states they have flooded.  If we don’t wake up soon there will be nothing left of our culture.  They may not all be using guns yet, but them and their advocates are attempting to replace our culture with a third world, socialist mentality.

h/t:  Rebellion

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Machete – Illegal Immigration Supports’ Call For Violence Against Americans

The controversy is already beginning over the upcoming film “Machete“.  The very word machete itself is meant to instill a mental threat to those who oppose their agenda; liberals love to use fear to shut down their opponents.  Latinos are already expressing fears that the content of this horror film of Latino violence against Americans will backfire and create a label of violent criminals that would be placed upon illegals.  They are right.  The irony though, is that pro-illegal immigration mobs are threatening exactly the kind of horror depicted in this film. 

These pro-illegal immigration supporters that are rioting in US cities, destroying US property, wasting US dollars, and draining the US economy are nothing more than propagators of crimes and violence of all sorts to achieve their agenda; an anti-white, anti-conservative, anti-America united states.  Don’t let the propaganda fool you, or the lack of news agencies reporting the truth; illegal alien crime, as their feeling of entitlement increases, is exploding and it is every day American families, like yours, who are suffering. 

They throw around their lineage in an attempt to lay claim to our land, but conveniently don’t mention the violence of that lineage, or acknowledge that lineage or ancestry does not entitle one to something that does not belong to them.  An ever-growing number of these manical, vulgar filchers are invading our Republic and they are being fed a lie by liberals that they are entitled to rights, protections, and handouts even above the Americans who provide those very comforts. 

These invaders have told by our own turncoat government they can take whatever they wish and many of these invaders have no problem using violence to get it. They have already defied and broken our laws simply by being here and are being shown by the lack of punishment for their tresspasses that they can and will get away with it.   Every handout, every extension of privilege, every violent riot, every criminal act that they get away with increases their feeling of invincibility, increases their feeling of entitlement, and increases their boldness leading to each crime being worse than the one before.

For those of you who would dare think me a racist can, first embrace the racist you see in the mirror every morning.  Anyone who hates a group of people simply because of their national origin or political beliefs is a racist and liberals are the biggest offenders and they are fueling the racism in the illegals flooding into this country.  I am a Hispanic, Southron woman who is free to speak the truth as I see it and to protect my family and my Republic from an enemy whether foreign or domestic.  Americans who hide in their homes, with a false sense of security, doing nothing as long as what is wrong with America doesn’t affect them personally are going to wake up to the awful truth.  We are being invaded by hate, violence, and socialism.  Don’t wait for a race war to see the truth; stop it now and demand that your government do its job and enforce our illegal immigrations laws secure our borders once and for all.


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Lt. Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, C.S.A. January 21, 1824 – May 10, 1863

Today we remember the passing of the greatest general ever to live. Growing up as a child, one of my favorite pastimes was to sit by the wood burner and read everything I could find on Stonewall Jackson. Now, as a husband and father, I have discovered the greatest lesson we can take from his life is how he comported himself as a husband, father, and Southern gentleman. May we never forget great men like him.

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson
1824 – 1863

Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia). His father, a lawyer, died when young Thomas was six and the death left the family impoverished. His mother later remarried but her new husband didn’t like her children, and young Thomas was sent to live with relatives.

By pure luck, Thomas was appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The cadet that he replaced stayed only one day before he decided that military life was not for him. Young Thomas was so shy and modest in his ways that his classmates didn’t even notice him for the first six months. What they saw first was that the new plebe was a very strange person indeed.  [read more]


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Big Government Prevalent, Even In The South

This story, out of Virginia, is unbelievable, when will people stand up and say no more.

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Surprise, Surprise – The White Guy Didn’t Do It

So, as soon as word was out that a car bomb had been found in New York City Northern politicians and liberal mainstream media talking heads instantly jumped to the conclusion that not only was the perpetrator white, but that he must be part of an anti-government movement; possibly even from the tea parties.  This is ridiculous.  We don’t have to resort to cowardly acts of bombing civilians;  we have the Constitution on our side and we respect all life from conception to natural death. 

Given the obvious hatred liberals have for both the Constitution and the South, does anyone honestly believe that we can continue to co-exist?  No, I think this makes it more clear than ever that peaceful secession is not only a must, but a likelihood in the near future.  It is the Left who uses violence and fear to push its agenda.  Everything they articulate is to immediately be accepted or else you are just a racist, Nazi who is deserving of the death threats, beatings, or vandalism they will perpetrate upon you. 

 We are persecuted simply for standing up for our heritage and articulating a different vision of our world.  It does not matter that we have history, and untold amounts of documents to back us up, for logical discussion will never be tolerated by the Left.  Remember, their true enemy, and hatred, is for our Lord Jesus Christ and his morals.  The South is only persecuted, and Conservatives, because we try to uphold those values and even when we fall short we continue to try.


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The Continued Destruction Of Our Way Of Life

As DC attempts to garner support for a massive amnesty bill, thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters marched through out American cities spewing an extremist agenda of communism and socialism.  No doubt, that makes a lot of people in the federal government happy and honestly, probably at the state level too.  We are quickly running out of time to save our way of life. 

If you are not currently involved, I hope you will consider joining the League of the South or a similar organization.  The illegals have their advocates and we must have ours too.  A place I rely on for accurate information is the Political Cesspool.  Their blog is here and you can also listen to their radio archives.  The live show is Saturdays 6:00 to 9:00 PM Central.


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