True Racism And Hate

25 Apr

Every day whites, especially Southern whites, are viscously attacked and accused of racism and violence.  Well, watch this video; the only racism and violence you see isn’t coming from any white person.  When is the truth going to finally be told.  How much longer until whites stand up for themselves and demand to be treated equally.  The honest truth is that whites are discriminated against every day in this country and don’t even think about being a minority who supports the rule of law and traditional American values.

If it wasn’t for the cameras and the rather large white man standing next to her this brave woman, no doubt, would have had her life in jeopardy.  Thankfully, for her, unlike the lies portrayed in the media, it is conservative whites who are welcoming to anyone who shares our moral values. 


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One response to “True Racism And Hate

  1. Syler Womack

    April 25, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    That poor woman! That’s just disgusting. Total barbarians, no sense of God, chivalry or anything else. And they are calling US racists…


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