Just Another Day

12 Apr

Well, another day and the attacks continue to pile in.  Every time I post on this blog I receive the most ignorant, hateful comments; this let’s me know I am doing the Lord’s work for the devil attacks you most when you are doing good.  We all have a responsibility to proclaim the truth and this blog has been a true blessing for we have heard from several people now, both in the North and South, who have learned the truth for the first time.  It really is amazing how many people are taught lies that are so easily revealed as such if we would only take the time to research for ourselves. 

On a separate for of attack, the media is going crazy over the revival of the South.  The blog The Virginian Rebel has written an articulate and must read response to these vicious attacks.  Please stop by and read the post “In Defense Of The South“.  I wanted to mention that I added a new link to the link list, Rebel With A Clue.  Please stop by and visit them. 

This is truly a great time to live.  We have an opportunity to regain long-lost liberty.


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