Trouble From South Of The Border

11 Apr

A group of Texas lawmakers are apparently receiving threats from a Mexican gang, even more proof of why we need to secure our border. The feds still don’t take the threat from an unsecure border serious simply because it is in their financial and political interest to ignore the problem.  Isn’t it funny that while members of the federal government run around calling all of us concerned citizens terrorists, actual terrorist acts are occurring in Mexico and from Mexican citizens without a word from the DC crowd? 

In related news ALIPAC is also reporting that US Consulate was bombed in Mexico.  We have to get serious about the threats from South of the border.  The invasion by illegal immigrants is not only stealing our jobs, and putting our families at risk, but it is changing the very culture and belief system of our states.  I don’t know about you, but I for one do not want to become part of Mexico. 

I think it is time we drop the PC garbage and simply report the truth.  Americans are under threat and dying.  The border needs to be secured now and those here illegally should be deported.

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