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Ray McBerry Campaign Update

Before I give you the latest email from the campaign I wanted to add a couple of my own thoughts.  All of us who care about liberty need to back Ray.  A victory for him would send shock waves through out the Republic and send the pundits scurrying for the hillsides.  We’ve already lost one opportunity with the defeat of Medina in Texas.  Big government, nanny-statism won with Perry’s primary victory.  Let’s not squander this opportunity to put a champion of liberty into the governorship of Georgia. 


Dear Friends,Please take a moment to participate in this Money Bomb that has been put together for Ray McBerry… the leading States’ Rights candidate for governor of any state in America! 

A contribution of even $10 or $20 from everyone on this list would be a huge boost to the number of television and radio commercials that we can run between now and the Republican primary in Georgia!


A win for Ray is a State Sovereignty victory for America!!! 

Please forward this to every friend and email list you have ASAP! 

Your Georgia First Team for Ray McBerry 

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Judge Napolitano On States Rights

Great interview with Judge Napolitano covering a wide range of issues, but my personal favorite is when he talks about the War for Southern Independence and states rights to secede.

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