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Rand Paul On Fox News

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Abstinence Works

A new study finds what any moral parent already knew; abstinence works as opposed to safe sex education.  Now the call will go out for more abstinence education in our schools.  I have a better suggestion; how about the feds get out of our schools and allow us parents to raise our children our way.  This whole immoral experiment, in my opinion, has been done to undermine the family and to drive the Republic further away from God’s will.  After all, it is God that grants us our rights; they have to destroy him and his morals if they want to control the population.
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Virginia Says No To DC’s Unconstitutional Power Grab

The Virginia Senate has voted to prevent its citizens from being forced to buy federal health insurance.  With 35 other states taking up similar measures this is how our states are supposed to act whenever DC oversteps its limited authority.  The states are supposed to stand up and say no.  The citizens of Virginia have been well served for once.


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