Remembering General Jackson And General Lee

12 Jan
Growing up I was amazed by the brilliance of Stonewall Jackson.  He seemed like a larger than life character, which he is.  After joining the military I gained a whole new respect for General Jackson.  His tactics are still studied today, but the most amazing aspects for Jackson and Lee, in my opinion, were their high moral standing.  Their devotion to God, family, and their state is an example for all men to follow.
Chuck Baldwin eloquently conveys why it is important to remember these two great men.  Here is a paragraph from his article, but please take the time to read the rest here.
Without question, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were two of the greatest military leaders of all time. Even more, many military historians regard the Lee and Jackson tandem as perhaps the greatest battlefield duo in the history of warfare. If Jackson had survived the battle of Chancellorsville, it is very possible that the South would have prevailed at Gettysburg and perhaps would even have won the War Between the States.
I also wanted to point out this paragraph at the bottom of the article where he encourages us to return to our liberty loving states and I think that is key; all of us Southerners who have moved away for whatever reason need to return home.   By being active and voting we can replace our weak, big government leadership with states right leaders who will stand up to DC and also return power that the state has gobbled up back to the local communities. 
Yes, freedom-loving Americans in this generation may need to awaken to the prospect that–in order for freedom to survive–secession may, once again, be in order. One thing is for sure: any State that will not protect and defend their citizens’ right to keep and bear arms cannot be counted on to do diddlysquat to maintain essential freedom. It is time for people to start deciding whether they want to live free or not–and if they do, to seriously consider relocating to states that yet have a heartbeat for liberty.
If you believe in freedom, limited government, and God we need you in the South, fighting for our heritage.  If you are already living in the South, but are doing nothing but complaining then you are part of the problem.  Don’t you think it is time you become part of the solution?

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