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Ron Paul: State of the Republic Address

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Campaign For Liberty


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Alaska’s Secession Movement Suffers A Setback

Big surprise, another court ruling against secession, this time in Alaska.

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Rand Paul On Happy Hour

Another good interview with Rand Paul.  Too bad most of our elected officials don’t enjoy the same insights he does.

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Public School’s Continued Intrusion Into The Home

 Not satisfied with just indoctrinating children anymore, the schools now want a detailed accounting of all your children’s activities outside of the school.  Below I have reproduced the form I just received from my kids’ school.  The only thing I have left out is the teacher’s and school’s name.  The school has no right to collect this kind of information.  I believe this to be the continuation of the loss of parental rights that is happening in every state because of the federal government’s role in public education.

As we end the first semester, one of our learning targets on our report card involves students being active outside of school. Since this is something that I cannot assess during the school day, I need your help in letting me know if your child is active outside of school. If you could please have your child fill out the questions below and return it to school, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and talking with your child about the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle!

What ways are you active when you are not at school?

When you are active, how do you feel?

What is your favorite activity to do outside of school?

Parent Signature ————–    Student Signature ————


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Dixie Matters: Episode 5

Palmetto Patriot and Sumnemo tackle the issue of abortion in this episode.   This is the most important issue they have addressed to date.  As a Southern people, we will never be free if we are not a moral and God-fearing people.  Abortion is an evil that is perpetrated upon one’s own flesh and blood.  We cannot hope to have God’s blessing as long as it exists. 

I completely agree with the federalist approach on this issue; I know it angers many, but each state is sovereign and has the right to choose their own laws.  With that, though, also come the consequences.  I believe God will bless those states who follow him and curse those who deny him and practices evils like abortion. 

Our rights come from God and not the government.  The government may try to make up the right to murder your own children, but God is very clear that murder is wrong.  Palmetto Patriot Sumnemo, I commend you; you did the Lord’s work today.


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Gov. Manchin Of West Virginia Is A Sellout

The governor’s priorities are unquestioned support and devotion to socialized medicine, not matter the cost or impact on the liberties and financial well being of his state.  He is an example of the type of politicians we must vote out of office.  He obviously has no idea what the Constitution says and as such is not deserving of the office he holds.


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Palmetto Patriot: What’s Going On In Dixie (13 January 2010)

Palmetto Patriot brings up an interesting point in this video.  Why in a so-called free republic do we have to get permission to protest?  Of course we could expand on that line of thought forever, but let’s do something about it.  All these rules and regulations are in place because of politicians we elected; we have the power to remove them and their regulations at the ballot box.


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