Ray McBerry Campaign Update

13 Nov

Here is the latest email from the campaign.


To our McBerry Campaign Family: 
  Yesterday, James Brown put out a statement to many of Ray’s supporters which was intentionally ambiguous and has left the door open for questions and false accusations. 
James Brown resigned from working in Ray’s campaign and then sent out his very vague statement all because he became aware that about two years ago, Ray had accepted a contract for his company to oversee the production of a swimsuit calendar for one of his clients. Ray owns his own business which produces radio and television commercials and also oversees other advertising and promotional materials for his clients.  Ray eventually chose to leave the project before its completion.  James says that a swimsuit calendar is the same as pornography.  Clearly, we do not agree with James that a swimsuit calendar is equated with pornography; nor do we believe that most Georgians, including those who wear swimsuits, feel that it is. 
Though this attack on the campaign was made on Thursday, Nov. 12th, we were delayed a day in our response because Ray was with my husband and me at Egleston where our youngest daughter was undergoing surgery; her care was the chief concern for all three of us.
Here is the official response of our campaign to James Brown:

Dear James Brown,

I understand your concerns. Had you chosen to email the entire Baptist Facebook Group, it would have been better to include the specifics of your frustration however improperly conveyed and slanted, rather than convey as you did very vague and hugely open ended accusation. The truth untimely spoken is as bad as a lie.

Ray did immediately explain the situation to me. I work with Ray very closely day in and day out. We all have areas of weakness and certainly we are each on our spiritual journey to the Lord, who works with and through each of us differently. I can say with full conviction that Ray dearly loves the Lord, that he has great integrity, that his passion and conviction on life and liberty inspire my devotion and determination, and that it has been a great blessing to be able to be his sister and partner in politics. To have accepted a job putting together a swimsuit calendar hardly puts Ray in a position such that he needed to make a public apology or attend a tribunal of judgment such that would satisfy your wants.  The way you have handled this would certainly lead one to believe that this is really all about you.

What is further unfortunate is that the manner in which your email blast was written casts suspicion upon those of us most intimately connected with Ray, as if we are silent because we are complicit in great sin. Certainly, you should have at the v ery least approached myself before moving forward as you did.  However, the level of sensitivity that your conscious may or may not bear does not dictate to the spirituality of those around you. For instance, I drink alcohol. Ray’s conviction dictates that he not drink alcohol. I would say that for Ray to drink alcohol would probably be sinful. However, because of Ray’s personal walk with the Lord, he does not judge or assume that it is sinful for me to consume alcohol. Perhaps your personal weakness or tendency to stumble in a certain area gives greater solemnity and concern for a brother who may or may not be similarly handicapped. I’m not interested in judging you. I am very interested in protecting the man whom God has raised up for His glory, and in advancing the individual life and liberty of each and every Georgian through Ray’s tenure as Governor. The kind of rebuke you launched is distracting to the campaign and it is a very improper forum for addressing your concerns. There is a time for loud and public rebuke. There is a time for private rebuke and patient prayer. Not only did you take this very public, you did so without consulting those of us closest to the campaign, and have thus maligned all of us and cast a shadow over our reputation and our Christianity. You have behaved very foolishly and certainly not within the bounds of Scripture.

Whatever self-righteousness you may feel believing that you alone are acting rightly, it is to be pitied. You acted single handedly as if God speaks only through you. You have damaged the reputation of many families who are working exhaustively and selflessly in the cause of liberty. And you have caused a distraction within the campa ign stealing from our efforts for liberty for millions across the state and nation in your personal need for self-righteous vindication. You have much for which to be ashamed.
Ray extended to you great compassion, love, and brotherhood, while you in turn stiffened your neck in self-righteousness, actively and aggressively sought out a vague point of contention several years expired, and have attempted to undermine his campaign for the people of Georgia. I forgive you for sinning against me and my family in this way and also for sinning against my brother, Ray. Each of us is broken through the trails of life and put in the fire such that our dross can consume and our gold refine. It is for such sinners, hypocrites, hot heads, and pharisees that Christ died, and for that I’m exceedingly grateful. Should you take any further steps of a similarly aggressive nature in slandering the man God has raised up, I will be forced to rise up and deal with your attacks accordingly. I trust, however, that you will now do what is honorable and devote yourself to self-examination and prayer while stepping away from a forum wherein you are clearly not equipped to serve.

Jenny Hodges

Campaign Director

Cell: 404-435-8852

Governor McBerry 2010

The Family that moves like an Army. 

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