On November 14 Stand With Fellow Southerners Against Illegal Immigration And Amnesty

11 Nov


We have all seen that our states have been invaded by illegals and that the same federal government stealing our freedom and liberty wants to grant amnesty to these illegals.  Now we have an opportunity to stand up against this invasion.  Concerned citizens all over the
Republic are joining the Tea Party Against Amnesty and Illegal Immigration Nov. 14 (ROUND 1). 

This is a good opportunity to show how many of us are tired of our wages being artificially lowered, our jobs stolen, crime increasing in our cities, and a loss of our cultural identity thanks to the flood of illegals and the greed of big government and corporations.  

Several Southern states have tea parties organized.  Click here for the information, but a couple do not.  It would be a shame if any Southern state was not represented on November 14.  Please get involved and save our culture for our children.

This is an opportunity to network with other concerned Southerners who may not understand why so many of us want to return to state sovereignty.  They may have even bought into the lies spread my the media that we are a bunch of hateful, ignorant, angry Southerners. 

Let’s show them the truth, that we are concerned citizens who understand that the Republic is dead and that Washington does not even pretend to follow the Constitution anymore.   Our heritage is under attack daily and once people become informed it is undeniable.    Education is our ally and ignorance the enemy .  What have you done for the South today?


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