Don’t Waste Important Resources On The Republican Establishment

25 Oct

When it comes to the Republican establishment, they have betrayed our values and our platform.  There should be a swift and harsh response from the Conservative base which should include withholding our support and funding from those like the NRCC and donating our resources directly to Conservative candidates who have been outcast by the Republican leadership.

When our own leadership spits in our faces by supporting liberals disguised as Republican then they must be shown the door and kicked to the curb.  They serve at our pleasure and we are demanding they listen to us.  It is high time that our leadership fulfill their duty to serve us and give to us good, principled, Conservative candidates and not the liberal, socialist trash they have been dragging out of the dumps.  There are movements all over the Internet, it is exciting to watch the Conservative base wake up and demand the ear of their leaders.  Keep up the good work everyone! - multi-candidate mass donation day


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