Vanishing Liberty

21 Oct

Has dusk set on American liberty and freedom?  Has the America that was the beacon of light and justice succumbed to the socialist tsunami that has swept over her land? Is all the things good, strong, and virtuous about our very founding vanishing right before our eyes. 

The sleeping giant of the land of the free has been imprisoned and doesn’t even realize it.  She has been betrayed by those who vowed to protect her.  We have sounded the alarm and tried to warn her, but were ignored and mocked.  We now have a choice to make; a very important choice.  Are we going to take back our America or are we going to let her go and watch  her slip beneath the waters of domination?  No one is going to do it for us, no one is going to save us, no one is going to stand beside us. 

We have been here before and felt the heel of the tyrant and the chains of oppression.  We are stronger, we still feel the sting of betrayal, and we have God; we do not have to surrender our Republic.  Maybe she can’t be wholly saved; maybe the gangrenous limbs will have to be amputated and replaced.  If we don’t start now, today, to change what is happening to our Republic there won’t be a Republic, liberty, or freedom left to fight for.  If we don’t hold our government Constitutionally restrained, our representatives accountable, or ourselves responsible she has no chance. 

We must get involved in our local and state government and stay involved.  This is not something we can do for a while and then slip back into our comfortable passivism.  This is a lifelong charge we have been given.  Our freedom was not free and we don’t have the right to throw it away.  We must work, even when we don’t feel like it, to make sure we send the right people to serve us locally and in Washington.  The time for popularity contests is over, we must send the unpopular servants of the people who will shake up the status quo and seek out and destroy the corrupt predators that have nested themselves in the highest places of our government and send them home with their tails between their legs.

 We must unite and become strong again.  We must overwhelm them in numbers and in will.  We must move away from their influences to betray our heritage.  We must once again put God and family first.  We must be willing to give up comforts and privilege for self sufficiency and the bond of large families and extended community again.  We must believe that less is more applies to material possessions and not our children. 

We must preserve our children’s future by assuring there are more of them to take our places then there are carpetbaggers and illegal aliens that flood our lands.  Some how we have allowed the viciousness and hatred of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, eugenics, and “family planning” to slip the veil of ignorance over the eyes of our society and steal away our legacy, our children, our families. 

We have been lulled into giving up the blessings and riches that a large family is for the cold and emptiness of possessions, power, and prestige.  There are  movements and organizations whose goal is to breed us out of existence and reduce our numbers until we are nothing but a memory in the night.  Are we going to throw up the white flag or fight fire with fire?  I call for Southerners bring back the large, extended family and the servant of the people politicians and watch the life and beauty return to our Republic once again.


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