Ron Paul On An Out-Of-Control Washington

19 Oct

You know, I really don’t know how Rep. Ron Paul does it.  I have been very politically involved for years and I find myself quite disillusioned and to the point where I believe that secession is the only answer, but Rep. Paul continues to stick it out and fight.  Not just for the people of his district, but for all Americans. 

The Very Busy Politicians in Washington DC

 With a faltering economy, multiple wars, and the approaching demise of the dollar’s reserve status, there are more than enough problems to keep politicians in Washington working day and night.  In between handing out cash for clunkers and nationalizing healthcare, the administration is busy sending more troops overseas, escalating existing wars, and seeking out excuses to start new wars.  Congress is working on “urgent” legislation to address crises like healthcare reform and climate change.  The reforms are so very urgent that legislation must pass swiftly with no time to read the bills even though the new laws wouldn’t take effect for several years!  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is busy dealing with our dollar crisis by printing up more dollars.  [read more]


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2 responses to “Ron Paul On An Out-Of-Control Washington

  1. PP

    October 19, 2009 at 9:46 PM

    Dr Paul is indeed a special man. If you examine his voting record I would say that he has to be the greatest Congressman in our entire history. I know that is a bold statement, but Paul has consistently been against all expansions of government power. Not even the great Thomas Jefferson had a record as consistent as Paul’s. We are truly blessed to have him out there speaking against the Feds every day and winning more and more folks for liberty.

    • Rebel Dad

      October 20, 2009 at 11:23 PM

      I think you may be right, but his impact won’t truly be known until long after we have passed away. He has made it popular and publicly accepted to discuss secession, the Constitution, and states’ rights. I am excited to see where this is all going.


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