In Rememberance Of Robert E. Lee

12 Oct

405px-Robert_Edward_LeeToday is the anniversary of the death of General Robert E. Lee who was a true Southern gentleman and hero.  It is important that we teach our children about great heroes like General Lee least they be forgotten from history at our own peril.  Here is a great article discussing the passing of General Lee.

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One response to “In Rememberance Of Robert E. Lee

  1. Bill Thayer

    October 14, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    This is good to see! I recently had to field an e-mail from someone who objected in the most virulent terms to my characterizing Lee (on my homepage, which includes a link to the entire biography of him by Freeman, onsite) as a quintessential American. I was told that the man was a traitor, etc. etc. and had to explain patiently — to someone who never did listen, but just seemed to be full of hatred, nothing really historical about the criticism — that Lee was no traitor to his oath as a West Point cadet (the oath was revised after the War between the States to close that loophole), that he viewed his fatherland, in accordance with the U. S. Constitution, as his State, which had entered into a free compact with others, a compact that might be dissolved, etc. All to no avail…. (The curious may be interested to learn that at West Point itself — hardly a bastion of secessionism and unAmericanism — Lee is not considered a traitor: one of the cadet dormitories is named after him, and his memory is generally revered there.)


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