An Authority The Feds Don’t Want – Border Enforcement

08 Oct

The other day I wrote about an illegal alien who planned on kidnapping two little girls and holding them for ransom, allegedly, and I called on our states to defend their borders and citizens.  Well, today I read this story which puts right in black and white that the feds have no plan to secure our borders. 

 Of course, that is no surprise, their actions proved that long ago.  They don’t care how many jobs are lost or how many children are victimized by illegal immigration.  They only care about the profits for business and, of course, more voters for the Democrat Party. 

If the states don’t reclaim their sovereignty and defend their borders I fear for where we are headed.  Too many good Southerner have already died because of illegal immigration.  How many more are we going to ask to die before our states defend their citizens?


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