Southerners Denied Their Day In Court

05 Oct

Palmetto Patriot posted today on the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a Tennessee case involving the rights of students to wear T-shirts with the battle flag on them.  This infuriates me.  Once again Southerners are being discriminated against by the Feds. 

If you are a white Southerner you are supposed to have as much freedom as anyone else.  Yet, we continue to see that is not the case.  Hate crime laws were designed to target whites and our Southern heritage symbols have been long under attack.  Ultimately, it is God that they hate and because the South reminds them of our Lord Jesus Christ they take that hatred out on us.  After all, Saint Andrews cross is perhaps the most recognized Southern symbol in the world. 

My son did a poem about the South the other day.  He drew for the picture the flag of the Confederacy.  I told him how proud I was of him, but that he could not take it to school because he would be discriminated against and no doubt punished by his teachers.  Luckily, thanks to public school most Northerners are ignorant of the other flags of the Confederacy so I let him know he could draw the Bonnie Blue or the Stars and Bars. 

It really drove home for me the point that we no longer enjoy even basic freedoms.  Our children are not able to fully embrace their heritage without being called racist, punished, or made targets of indoctrination.  The state is more than happy to help the far Left in this crusade.  How ashamed our Founding Fathers must be.  The Republic they desired to create has been replaced by the very monster they fought so hard against.  The Anti-Federalists had it right; if only they had been listened to.


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