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Yankee Go Home!



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Ray McBerry Campaign Update

Here is the latest email from the campaign.

New Campaign Commercial!!

The campaign has produced a great new video that we hope you’ll want to share with all of the individuals in your e-mail address books.

Once you’ve seen it, we think you’ll agree that it is an important message and one that deserves wide attention.

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Is your state flag a confederate flag?

h/t: Palmetto Patriot

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A Little Forgotten History

I wanted to bring this article to your attention about some strong Southern women in Georgia during the War of Northern Aggression who took it upon themselves to train and defend their town when all the men went to war.

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You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Cannot Force Him To Drink

Cnfdrt Catholics

I have posted on this subject before, but I see that it needs to be addressed again.  Why do people hate the South?  And yes, I do mean hate.  I was looking at a sight who linked to this blog and I saw that one of their favorite activities is to make fun of us Southerners; especially those of us who believe in states’ rights, our heritage, and true history.

They look down on us, mock our intelligence, all the while repeating the propaganda they learned in school.  What do you say to someone who refuses to research and learn the truth rather than walk around insulting everyone who actually has done the research as to the cause of the War of Northern Aggression?  It truly is sad that with the Internet making information so easily available that so few avail themselves of the opportunity to delve into history and discover the truth.


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Don’t Waste Important Resources On The Republican Establishment

When it comes to the Republican establishment, they have betrayed our values and our platform.  There should be a swift and harsh response from the Conservative base which should include withholding our support and funding from those like the NRCC and donating our resources directly to Conservative candidates who have been outcast by the Republican leadership.

When our own leadership spits in our faces by supporting liberals disguised as Republican then they must be shown the door and kicked to the curb.  They serve at our pleasure and we are demanding they listen to us.  It is high time that our leadership fulfill their duty to serve us and give to us good, principled, Conservative candidates and not the liberal, socialist trash they have been dragging out of the dumps.  There are movements all over the Internet, it is exciting to watch the Conservative base wake up and demand the ear of their leaders.  Keep up the good work everyone! - multi-candidate mass donation day


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Obama’s Aspirations Of Lincoln

For reasons I will never understand, Obama insists that he aspires to be like Abraham Lincoln.  I, myself, would not want to be linked to the image of a man who was responsible for a war of aggression that killed hundreds of thousands of our own civilians.  But, none-the-less Obama thinks it an honor and he is actively attempting to mimic the tyrannical dictator; in true Chicago mafia style Obama is pulling out the infamous “List”. 

What ever you call it, enemy list, hit list, the results are the same; if you disagree with Obama you will find yourself on the list.  Once on the list you are worthy in the liberals eyes of nothing short of total annihilation of your credibility, liberty, and freedom. 

Eureka, I think he has done it; sounds just like Lincoln to me.

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