Time To Rid Us Of The So-Called Patriot Act

28 Sep

Do you ever notice how the federal government names things?  The Patriot Act; sounds so patriotic doesn’t it?  In reality it is an unconstitutional power grab and we possibly will never know the full extent of the abuses.  Downsize DC has a new campaign to rollback the Patriot Act.   Here are some of the reasons we must repeal it.

  • The Patriot Act authorized “sneak and peak” warrants that allow the government to search your home without your knowledge. In 2008, this power was used just three times in terrorism investigations and 760 times in regular criminal investigations.
  • It also authorized National Security Letters (NSLs). NSLs allow federal agents to seize your personal records without a warrant, even when there’s no suspicion of wrongdoing. The FBI can also prohibit you from telling anyone that you’ve been searched because of an NSL. The FBI was found to have abused this power thousands of times. FBI abused power to obtain business and personal records without prior judicial approval
  • Under the FISA Amendments Act, government can engage in wiretapping without a warrant. Senate Immunizes Telecom Firms From Wiretap Lawsuits
  • I see this as a crucial first step to regaining lost freedoms.  We must reign in the federal government if we are to ever restore our states’ sovereignty.

    Deo Vindice!

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