Secession In Our Time

24 Sep


I never thought I would see a time where peaceful secession could actually happen; the Republic no longer exists; the Constitution has been trampled on too many times. 

We have nothing in common with the ungodly fascists members of the Left.  I now believe that they will want to get rid of us as badly as we want to be free.  I have openly heard many on the Left talk about the embarrassment they feel because of us God-fearing Southerners.  This also applies to the west. 

Pray and pray often  that we may be free sooner than we ever could have imagined.  The feds own power grab has led to the economic ruin and fractured society that exists now.  I say let them control their own destiny and let us control ours. 

Bush and Obama has fractured the union permanently.  Their facist reign has made many good and patriotic citizens realize that the union is a myth and that we no longer even remotely resemble the Republic we were meant to be.  Many now know the difference between a democracy and a republic and once your eyes are open they can never be closed again.

Deo Vindice

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