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People Who Hate the South



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Democracy is Robbery

Palmetto Patriot, as always, has an extremely informative video I want to bring to your attention.  Education is the key to freedom.


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A Place To Belong

I need some advise and help.  I am a Tar Heel through and through, and my wife is a Texan.  Since we have been married we have been living in the north due to her job.  Well, the two of us can’t take it much longer.  We have to get back to Dixie. 

The problem we have is North Carolina does not even remotely resemble the state it was when I was a child and Texas is dealing with a flood of illegals and the increased crime that goes with it (thought we have not ruled Texas out if we can find a safe area).  I don’t want to move my kids back down South just to have them live in a wanna-be Yankee state. 

I want to live in a true Southron town where I can wear my beliefs on my sleeve and not worry about getting shot in the back.  I want to know that when my children go to school they are being taught by God fearing teachers and not Yankee conquerors indoctrinating them.

I want a community that is tight knit, where you don’t have to worry about liberals sticking their noses in your business.

The help I need is with suggestions; I would love suggestions on where we should look.  This is what we want in a hometown: 

1) A God fearing community with traditional Southron values,

2) low crime rates,

3) a safe community for children, that does not tolerate sex offenders,

 4) a population no larger than 40,000 (the smaller the better),

5) prefer a state and local community government that is as unintrusive as practical under the current system we are stuck with,

6) preferably no illegal immigration problem,

7) where Sir and Mam is common place,

8) good schools (preferably Catholic),

9) preferably the deep South, but would consider any Southern state,

10) I am strongly considering joining the League of the South or a similar organization and would be looking for a community with similar views.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We have been searching like crazy, but having been out of Dixie for 11 years I have noticed a lot has changed.  I want this to be my last move ever because I don’t ever want to leave Dixie again.