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Happy Birthday Patrick R. Cleburne

In memory of Major General Patrick R. Cleburne the “Stonewall of the West”.

By Irish Lone Star


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CSS Alabama



Catholic Church Wins Battle In Connecticut

Good news to report.  The Catholic League has announced that the unconstitutional bill to put Connecticut’s government in charge of the Catholic Church has been pulled.

While this is a huge victory, it is shocking that this battle even needed to be fought.  Many of us have been upset with the disregard of the Tenth Amendment and the ever growing Federal Government.  Now that our religious freedoms have been so blatantly attacked, I hope more people will awaken to the fact that our Republic no longer exists as our Founding Fathers intended.

Our Founders clearly understood that all of our rights come from God.  No government on Earth has the authority to take our God given rights.  I completely agree with Bill Donahue of the Catholic League who stated, “For their fascist stunt, they should at least be censured by their colleagues. Ideally, they should resign or be forced out of office.”


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A Moving Tribute

We are proud of all our Southern heroes, contrary to Yankee myths.


Catholics’ Freedom Of Religion Under Assault In Connecticut

694px-flag_of_connecticut_svgThe Catholic Church is being attacked in Connecticut.  Obviously, a government assault on religious freedom in Connecticut will affect our entire Republic eventually.  The Catholic League is on it.  Be sure and follow the link and let Connecticut know what you think about this unconstitutional assault on our religious freedoms.  After all, many left England to flee this kind of tyranny.  Don’t think you have to be Catholic to weigh in; this will affect all Christians in time.

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Judge Napolitano And Ron Paul – What More Could We Ask For?

h/t: SLMNews

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Why Should We Be Second Class Citizens In Our Own Republic? – The Cost Of Illegal Immigration

Here is a letter that is quick to read, but straight to the point about illegal immigration and why it is costing us not only financially, but also our standing in our own Republic. When illegals are receiving benefits, normally reserved for citizens, before Americans it has gone too far.

What would you say if an illegal immigrant’s child was given a scholarship or accepted to a college over your own child because of the “hardships” they have endured?  All different kinds of scenarios like this are happening right under people’s noses and they don’t even know it.


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